Deborah Ward 

Artist, Poet, Mystic, Guide

     Once upon a time I was a lost girl living in a dark world, but my light could not be contained, so I nudged that cage door open and used my wings. From that day forward I made it my quest to heal myself and share what I've learned with others.

     My creative process is built on ritual, within a place of honoring. Everything is done with intention and reverence, carrying the energy of my dreams and visions. Co-creating with the divine, I listen to the voice of my heart and let the guidance unfold naturally. 

My mission is to create transformational workshops, classes and retreats to assist others in the awakening of their inner artist, sacred purpose, and powerful light and wisdom within. 

The Art of Allowing

Creating something from nothing is the ultimate act of trusting your inner guidance. Trusting your inner guidance is such a simple concept, and yet with all the distractions of a life filled with busy full days, other's opinions, stress, worry, and conditioning, how can we hear that voice within us clearly. The answer lies within the art of allowing...a sacred form of art that allows your inner voice to come forth, and your heart to open fully….art that calls for you to embrace all parts of yourself, showing the courage of vulnerability and witnessing the wisdom rise to the surface. This form of art holds the keys to unlocks the doors to your true creative potential. It is the most empowering art I’ve ever experienced, which is why I have felt called to facilitate this painting process with others.

There is darkness in this world,
But there is also incredible light,
There is injustice and hatred,
But there is also fairness, compassion, kindness, and absolute love,
There are forces that wage separateness,
But there are also unprecedented acts of oneness, togetherness, and solidarity,
For every bomb blown, weapon discharged, and natural disaster experienced,
There are countless acts of kindness, compassion, heroic support, and love being given,
Tragedy may shroud our light and feel insurmountable,
But this a call to do more, love more, give more, pray more, connect more,
We can make a difference,
With our hearts and deeds,
Love is the medicine!
Love transforms the darkness into light,
The goodness in this world far outweighs the bad.
May we seek solace in the powerful strength of our spirits,
Using this power to help,
support, and empower one another, to see the divinity in eachother, and heal within.
Heaven is not just a destination,
It is a place that resides within all of us.
Connecting to our hearts is the path home,
It is the yellow brick road.
Love one another,
Listen to the hearts of the world, and keep the faith in humanity,
Because we all carry a piece of heaven, and if we own our piece, the entire puzzle ignites!

©Deborah Ward 2016